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As cyber threats grow increasingly sophisticated and ubiquitous, multi-factor authentication has become a critical element in safeguarding access to Citrix Cloud services. It adds an extra layer of protection on top of standard, on-premises Active Directory — the default single-factor... Read more
In my time as a consultant, I used to give my fair share of "it depends" answers. We’ve all probably done it. Sometimes the answer isn’t binary and all you can really do is lay out the pros and cons so your customer can make an informed decision. At least that’s what I thought at the time. I... Read more
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops administration is a vital part of your daily activities as a Citrix administrator. Knowing the tools and how to take advantage of them will provide you with information to be proactive or reactive, depending on the case. During our Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE)... Read more
We love a good acronym in IT, especially here at Citrix. I can think of a handful right away – ITSM, VDI, VM, DaaS, BYOD and the list go on. However, there is one acronym that you may not think of right away that can positively impact your end-user communication strategy, and that is ADKAR. Jeff... Read more
Citrix Cloudのステップ・バイ・ステップ導入ガイドが日本語化されました。 Special thanks to: Claudia and Sara of Cloud Success Team :-)  分かりやすい手順書が欲しい 「Citrix Cloudサービスを試してみたいが、マニュアルを見ても良く分からない。」「検証を行うのに事前に何を準備するのか分からない。」などCitrix Cloudサービスに関して様々なお問い合わせを頂きます。 以前紹介したCloud Success CenterではCitrix Cloudサービスの評価、導入、展開、... Read more
ここでは2019年6月にリニューアルされたCitrix Cloud Success Center 2.0を紹介します。 Cloud Success Centerについて Cloud Success Centerは、Citrixのクラウドアーキテクト及びコンサルタントから構成されるエキスパートによってデザインされた、Citrix Cloudの導入を成功に導く為の統合支援ポータルになります。 Citrix Cloudの評価、導入、運用に必要な様々なリソースやプロジェクトを成功に導くためのワークブックが用意されてます。... Read more
Citrix Cloud is a revolutionary way to deliver Citrix products by offloading the control plane and providing companies with one of the fastest ways to deploy Citrix into a production-ready environment. Setting up Citrix has never been simpler and quicker than it is today with Citrix Cloud.... Read more
Whether you’re transitioning from an on-prem Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment to the Citrix Cloud service, or you’re a net-new Citrix customer, you’ll want to get familiar with Citrix Director and Citrix Studio. These powerful Citrix Cloud components enable you to manage, monitor, and... Read more
We recently hosted our third Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) Meetup, a monthly series focused on giving you an additional channel to connect with Citrix experts and get answers to your Citrix Cloud questions. At our June 19 meetup, we discussed Citrix ADC Autoscale with ADM. This blog will cover some... Read more
With relinquishing control of core infrastructure, learning to use cloud services, and planning a roll out, your journey to the cloud can be a daunting experience. But with the Citrix Workspace intelligent experience just around the corner, there has never been a better time to begin using Citrix... Read more