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"Cloud Guidepost: November ACE - Image Management Q&A"
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Continuing with our Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) monthly meetup series, we recently hosted our November ACE on image management in Citrix Cloud. In addition to delivering a brief presentation each month, the series is also designed to provide a channel for anyone and everyone to connect with Citrix... Read more
"Cloud Guidepost: October ACE Citrix Access Control Q&A"
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Continuing on with our monthly meetup series, the October ACE (Ask the Cloud Experts) meetup covered Citrix Access Control. We've recapped the questions asked and included their corresponding answers below. You can access the full on-demand recording at the bottom of the ACE registration page. Be... Read more
"Cloud Guidepost: How to be smart with your security"
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Citrix is committed to helping you find the right balance among security, user experience, and productivity. Citrix ADC, combined with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, gives you a variety of security tools in addition to the policy filters embedded in Citrix Studio so you can focus on other tasks.... Read more